Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Networking for Women - lesson #1

The number one lesson of networking- be it for women, men, or otherwise is to do so continuously. And unlike my effort on this blog (my apologies...) it needs to happen every day. There needs to be a commitment to network no matter how hard (or how easy) it is.

One of the things that I have figured out is that I am not good at some things - and no matter how much I want to be good, it probably wont happen. I will not be a pro basketball player. I will not be an opera singer. I will not be the life of the party and I cannot "work a room".

But I can write. I can write emails, and notes, letters and blogs. My writing may not be polished. My casual tone may turn off some. I may leave the page littered in sentence fragments... But I can get my thoughts down-express myself-reach my audience.

Knowing this gives me the power to network in a way that I can do. And I can do so every day.

I have been able to network with so many people through my writing. I can reach out in a way I cannot do with my voice.

So the lesson here for me is that I need to write more. I need to blog daily. I have had success in networking through blogging, and networking is a never-ending job. It is a job with much reward, but work none-the less. And so I am committing to writing. Writing for networking.

Hopefully that commitment will keep this blog better up to date.

Do you have any networking advice for women? Please Comment.