Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Outside the box - fundraising and networking

I met with a lovely lady today... the best way to describe her would be "socialite". This woman has a business where she sells art, (mostly jewelry, purses and other "wearable art") out of her house, but her business plan is essentially not to make a profit - but to support the people and organizations she believes in.

This means that she sells art to keep the artists in business and make enough money to give away to the causes that are inportant to her.

I met with her today because she would like to hold a fundraiser in her home (a REALLY nice home) for the an organization of which I am a Board Member. She will donate a portion of the proceeds to the charity, and get this... she gets to network with a board - and all of their contacts that they invite to the fundraiser...


She promotes her business - sells art, supports the community - and because they are all at her house, gets to network with dozens of professions.

Can you think of ways that you can turn what you do into a great networking opportunity - to bring the prospects and the contacts to you?

Meghan Wier

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