Sunday, June 05, 2005

Business Networking for Women

Business Networking is sometimes a little different for women then men. Time, gender-bias, and other women to support and mentor makes business networking less common for the business woman. Not to mention that the "good ol' boys club" does still exist, (although it has lessened a bit).

Luckily, women are now generally given the respect and opportunities they deserve - generally...

There are and will always be exceptions, and as a woman, we will always have to deal with the other obligations and responsibilities. These obligations and responsibilities add to our lives and often hold us back --or delay us from business success - but they don't have to.

Time, due to family responsibilities, and the other aspects of a woman's life - such as pregnancy will always be a challenge. But it is also a great gift.

Business Networking for women is only different because women are different then men - not better or worse. There are groups specifically for women, executive women's groups, women business owner's groups, mom's groups. AND - we still get to play on the golf leagues, go to networking groups, seminars, breakfasts, etc. We just need to find groups that meet when we can meet, or online communities that never close, to accomodate our lifestyles.

One group that I particularly like is BNI. My BNI group, Brighton's Best meets every Friday at 7am. My husband stays home with my son while I am away - and that one group is responsible for probably a quarter of my business. To learn more about business networking groups, check out this blog.

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dehoang said...

great blog! i completely agree about men and women being different with business. I think we have more on our plate than men do when it comes down to trying to balance our work/personal life. women business had some tips on balancing that in a woman's life too.